Money Club Hybrid Chipper Golf Club

Price: $35.00

  • The perfect club for that touchy chip around the green.¶
  • The easiest, most accurate stroke in golf is the putt – a pendulum motion – straight back and straight through.¶
  • Thanks to the MONEY CLUB, you can now use this easy-to-repeat “linear shaped” pendulum stroke for your chip shots, too.¶
  • By transforming the circular motion of a chipping stroke into the linear motion of a putting stroke, the MONEY CLUB, will become the most valuable club in your bag.¶
  • It’s a new category of golf club, the putting iron.¶
  • Has 320 gram head weight (same as standard putter).¶
  • Offset club face keeps hands in front of ball throughout stroke.¶
  • Extra bounce on “V-shaped” sole to promote overspin and assist in hitting out of tough lies.¶
  • Lightweight, extra-stiff titanium shaft absorbs vibration and helps prevent twisting.¶
  • Beveled hosel eliminates the dreaded shank.¶
  • Has the professional look of a classic iron.¶
  • Conforms to USGA specifications.¶
  • Available in 34″ and 35″ lengths in right hand only.

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