GAME GOLF LIVE Digital Shot Tracking System (New Version) Bundle with PlayBetter Portable Smartphone Charger

Price: $104.95

-Game Golf LIVE Digital Golf Shot Tracking System (18-Sensor Set)
-PlayBetter Lipstick-Sized Portable External Battery Charger

GAME GOLF is back and it’s better than ever! GAME GOLF LIVE offers real-time stat tracking, shows distances to the pin and serves as a rangefinder. It’s a cutting-edge tool for golfers of all levels. Unlike the original GAME GOLF product, the GAME GOLF LIVE offers real-time analysis. Instead of waiting until the end of a round to check out your stats, you can now follow along with your round as you play! GAME GOLF LIVE syncs via Bluetooth with your iOS or Android device so that you can view stats right from your phone as you go.

Simply PAIR your device with your mobile device, TAG your club and prepare for your best round ever! GAME GOLF LIVE comes with 18 unique tags for each club. Before each shot, you tap the device to a wearable receive that clips to your belt. Then, after each shot, you’ll see the distance to a pin and a map of your shots. You’ll also receive comprehensive stats, including average distances with each club, putting data, success rates and much more!

The new technology of GAME GOLF LIVE includes additional stats, including the strokes gained/tee to green metric, which was incorporated into PGA Tour stats last year. From tee to green, you’ll have an advanced view of stats on your hands, including fairway accuracy, scrambling percentages, and shot dispersion for all clubs and yardages. See your game like never before so you know how to improve.Each purchase includes Game Golf LIVE Digital Tracking System & PlayBetter Lipstick-Sized Portable External Battery Charger
Pairs with app to show the distance to the pin, map of your shots and swing data while you play a round of golf.
Includes 18 ultra lightweight sensors for each club, sensors have zero swing impact
Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
Saves every shot and features virtual coaching to help improve your game

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