Sky Golf SW2 GPS Watch with Multisport Odometer for Tracking Location

Price: $129.95

The SkyCaddie SW2 is the next generation of the bestselling SkyCaddie Watch. With a slimmer design, extended battery life and built-in Bluetooth Smart technology, the SW2 is ideal for golfers looking for quick distances to the front, center and back of each green. The SW2 watch is able to wirelessly pair with the SkyCaddie Mobile app to deliver the convenience of a GPS watch, the vivid landscapes of the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS app and the accuracy of a SkyCaddie. You’ll instantly have quick distances on your wrist and expanded views on your phone that work together in perfect harmony!NO ANNUAL FEES REQUIRED
35,000 Preloaded Courses. Enjoy distances you can trust to play your best golf with Golf’s most reliable course library
Powerful GPS Engine Increases SkyCaddie Mobile’s Accuracy Up To 300% Over All Other Mobile Apps. The SW2 watch replaces your smartphone’s location services to provide distances you can trust… and conserves battery, too!
Slim, lightweight profile

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